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1, Six Flower Walls
Group Zhou Gongzhao, Jeremiah Watson    Period China Academy of Art, Spring 2013

See also 6 Flower Walls

2, Piraeus Tower
Group Nick de Pace, Athan Geolas, Jesen Tanadi    Period RISD, Spring 2010

Entry for the Piraeus Tower 2010 Changing the Face/Facades Reformation competition

/A. Parti and diagrams

/B. Proposal rendering

/B. Proposal rendering and environmental control systems diagram

3, New Light
Group Joshua Lantzy, Yancey Modesto, Robert Williams
Instructor Lili Hermann    Course RISD, Design for Development, Spring 2009

This project aims to improve the lives of sex workers and their families living within the Kalighat district of Kolkata, India by upgrading current slum living conditions with an incremental housing framework. Given the nature of the residents' livelihoods and the precarious social and political position they occupy, the goal is to create more healthful living conditions for the residents of the neighborhood while causing the least disruption of the patterns of living and working within the district. Rather than c hallenging the power structure that owns and operates the sex trade within Kalighat, we are responding to an immediate and urgent need for improved, healthful living conditions for the sex workers and their families.

4, Alco Awards
Group Nick de Pace, Athan Geolas    Period RISD, Spring 2009

Suspended, paper canopy pavilion.