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Piazza Tectonic
Instructor Nick de Pace    Course RISD, Italy: Ars Subterranea, Winter 2008

0, Overview
A paving and program tectonic, designed to gently lead pedestrians away from the ordinary and towards the proposal's new functions: archaeology museum, market, and more.

1, Datums
Sketch exercises, utilizing observational surveying and sometimes marked flood heights, built a knowledge of the subject city (Rome, Matera) in its topography but also in its history. Exemplified by the Matera walking transect (A) and the Pantheon walking transect (A), the archeology of measured drawing was a concept and skill learned through the course.

/A. Matera and Pantheon walking transects

/B. San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane studies

/B. Naples studies

2, Subliminal Planes
Located along the Via Suburana in Rome, this intervention aimed to revive a piazza that necessitated public, private, historical, residential, religious, mercantile (temporary and permanent) and transportation considerations. Learning the city by walking and drawing it led to a material tectonic that directed pedestrian flow by the subliminal push of an inclined plane. This begun by identifying nodes of entry and destination in the plaza and then materializing the planes by which one would be gently led off of a busy street and towards a proposed archeology museum, market space or reintroduced church entrance.