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Sanlan Pavilion and New GCA
Advisor Wang Shu    Context China Academy of Art, Spring 2015

0, Overview
The design of two knowledge spaces for my graduate degree project, started and finished in a condensed two week period. They won departmental silver and were featured in the school-wide notable works exhibition.

1, Derived from China's pre-modern private libraries
My written thesis "Overlapping Discourses: China's Ming and Qing spaces of knowledge as solutions to the modern library's transformation" provided a series of spatial characteristics that I then utilized to design two libraries, one for Providence, Rhode Island and one for Shuangxi Village, Zhejiang. That written research is summarized here. Following are the final renderings, plans, sections and elevations for the two structures.

2, New GCA
A Blue Roof intangible arts knowledge exchange — Providence, Rhode Island, USA

/New GCA and original GCA, with annotations referring to the Cangshu Lou research

/View from south, with original GCA on the right, new GCA on the left

/View from inside original GCA towards New GCA

/New GCA ground floor large makerspace

/New GCA's lecture and social gathering hall

/New GCA's third floor small social spaces

/Exterior view with New GCA in foreground, original GCA in background

/New GCA and original GCA, Ground Floor

/New GCA and original GCA, Second Floor

/New GCA and original GCA, Third Floor

/New GCA Section 1 and 2

/Above, New GCA east and west elevation. Below, original GCA west and east elevation

/Left, south elevation. Right, north elevation

3, Sanlan Pavilion
A Blue Roof performing arts knowledge exchange — Shuangxi Village, Zhejiang, China

/Sanlan Pavilion, with annotations referring to the Cangshu Lou research

/Sanlan Pavilion Courtyard view

/Interior performance space, ground floor

/Small social gathering spaces, second floor

/View from second floor towards visiting scholar's residence

/Approach from village

/Visiting scholar's residence

/Sanlan Pavilion, Ground Floor

/Sanlan Pavilion, Second Floor

/Sanlan Pavilion, Elevations

/Sanlan Pavilion, Sections

/Visiting Scholar's Residence, Section and Elevations